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  • Honey Dahari, LMFT, MBA

How is Group Therapy Helpful?

There are 2 types of group therapy. The type of group therapy that most people think of is a form of counseling or psychotherapy where a small group of people with similar goals meet with a trained therapist to talk and support each other. Another type of group therapy is a Skills group, which focuses more on learning new tools than talking with and supporting others in the group. Both can be very helpful.

Group therapy allows you to be with others who understand and can relate. This can reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness and help you feel less alone. A skills group can help you learn and practice new coping skills so that you can start to quickly make improvements in your life.

Group therapy often is easier to find because there is typically less of a wait to join a group than to start individual therapy. Group therapy can also be less expensive than individual therapy.

Since the start of the pandemic, group therapy is now commonly offered online, so it's easier to find group therapy near you. If you want to learn more about group therapy in New York or group therapy in New Jersey, schedule a consultation.

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