Are you trying to figure out how to stop fighting and break the cycle of escalating anger and distance? Therapy should help you reach your goals, not the goals someone else might think you should have. If you want to heal your relationship, I'll do my best to help you get to that space of relational wellness and healing, with the tools to keep you together, happy, and in love.

Therapy Session

Are you looking for emotional healing from trauma, depression, anxiety, or to address a pattern of relationship issues in your life? Whichever goals you bring to therapy, my goal is to help you accomplish yours. Together, we will figure out a customized plan to help you get to that place of internal wellness, peace, and joy. 


Honey T. Dahari is a licensed therapist and author, who utilizes her Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy (LMFT) and Masters degree in Business Administration in Healthcare (MBA) to see the world differently. In her daily work, she helps individuals and organizations think outside the box and focus on strengths to overcome barriers. Honey lives in the Northeastern United States, and spends her time coaching and training, providing mental health treatment and engaging in advocacy, and looking for ways to expand mental health services around the world.


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