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Healing Lives and Relationships

     With online therapy, Honey has helped her clients become less angry, more connected in their relationships and happier within themselves. Combining warmth and directness, she helps her clients feel cared for and supported while they make changes towards emotional and relational healing.

     While she enjoys helping individuals, Honey's specialty is working  with couples and families struggling with anger and relationship issues stemming from trauma, anxiety, depression, and addiction. She helps her clients achieve goals of improving communication and overcoming internal barriers to achieve a more fulfilling relationship and happier life.

     Honey strongly believes in measuring progress to ensure you are getting the support you want, and see to it that you are making movement towards your goals. She started private practice to help individuals, couples, and families in New York, New Jersey, or internationally access online therapy support to find the healing and peace they need.

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Who Goes to Honey for Help?

Honey has experience working with individuals, couples, and families from many walks of life, geographical areas, religions, and background. 


With training and experience with clients from such diverse backgrounds, Honey (Hindy) treats clients without judgement. She sees every client's unique history as areas of potential strengths and resources that may be utilized for healing. She approaches from a place of curiosity and "not-knowing," for each client's experience can be different. 


While Honey specializes in couples and family issues, she also works with individuals. She often treats anger management and coping with strong emotions, and has found many of these issues stem from trauma, depression, anxiety, and other related issues. 


Therapy Session


Every therapist should have a few areas they specialize in, or limit themselves to a select list of problems. Below is the list of issues Honey mainly treats; these are where she has the greatest amount of experience.

Family Issues: Honey helps families get out of unhealthy patterns of communication, and cope with changes. Even if your family often has fights, arguments, and even screaming matches, Honey can help.

Couples Issues: Honey helps couples change stuck patterns  of interaction and overcome problems. If you're looking to stop fighting and stop repeating the same arguments, Honey can help.

Anger Management: Honey loves helping teens and adults learn the skills to stop expressing anger in unhealthy ways, and to stop feeling out of control in their lives.


Individual Therapy

Are emotions overwhelming you, and affecting your job, relationships, and life?  Are you looking for help coping with anger, depression, anxiety, or trauma? 

Couples Therapy

Has anger made a peaceful and happy relationship a seemingly impossible goal? Have things that were both said and unsaid created a sense of distance? 

Family Therapy

Are you trying to find a way for your family to work through problems without fighting, yelling, arguing, and getting defensive?

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