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  • Honey Dahari, LMFT, MBA

Patterns in Your Relationship

Chasing. Avoiding. Escaping. Fighting. Is your marriage or committed relationship stuck and in a predictable pattern? With reflection, most individuals will identify repetition in their own lives and in their styles of communication. Relationships are no different, and tend to follow familiar themes and patterns. Couple's therapy can help identify repetitive patterns that seem to control and direct the relationship, and can help you break the cycle.

Patterns can be predictable in timing, in what triggers each phase of the cycle, or in the next step that will likely follow. For some who are living in a relationship with a pattern of interaction, it can also be less easy to pinpoint. Cycles of interaction in a relationship can feel hard to stop, but with support it is possible.

Even small changes in your relationship and your communication can help you achieve your goals of changing patterns of interaction. Are you ready to change a pattern you identified? Do you feel stuck in a cycle? Don't struggle for one more day, reach out for support right away.

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