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  • Honey Dahari, LMFT, MBA

Is My Relationship Fixable?

Can my relationship be fixed? Whether spoken or left unsaid, this is on the minds of most couples seeking couples therapy. This question is accompanied by pain, desperation, and loss. Loss of what was, what could be, and the loss of peace and stability that accompanies a whole and healthy relationship.

The answer to this question will have far reaching ramifications. Emotional pain. Relationship future. Financial questions. Housing shifts. If there are children, important decisions about custody, coparenting, boundaries, and plans for the future must be made.

Until there is an answer, and until the couple feels confident that the problems in their relationship can be mended and improved, uncertainty rules. Sitting with the unknown and feeling it can seem overwhelming. The wait for an answer, or for progress, might seem unbearable. But for those who come out the other side, it is worth the wait.

A repaired relationship can be stronger than it was before the issues were noticed. Stronger communication skills, greater understanding of the factors which contribute to misunderstanding and distress, and new ways to overcome them are just a few ways the relationship can be reinforced. These and other tools are put in place so the couple is better prepared to appropriately handle challenges as they come up.

Life is full of challenges. It is up to you to take them and turn them into growth experiences for you and your relationship.

To learn more about how therapy can improve your relationship, schedule a free consultation today.

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