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  • Honey Dahari, LMFT, MBA

Can DBT Help Teenagers?

DBT can help reduce impulsive behaviors in teenagers. Impulsive behaviors refer to actions that are taken without sufficient planning or forethought, and can include things like alcohol and drug abuse, risky behavior, and self-harming behaviors. DBT can help teenagers learn skills to manage their emotions in a healthy way and to think before they act. The therapy includes the concept of "wise mind" which is the balance between emotions and rationality. DBT teaches teenagers how to use this balance in their decision making process which leads to less impulsive behaviors.

DBT also provides strategies for managing distressing situations such as urges to act impulsively. It teaches individuals to tolerate distress, to identify and label their emotions and to validate their emotions, which can help them to control their behavior. Additionally, DBT can teach teenagers skills to improve their relationships with others and to communicate effectively which can help them avoid difficult situations that may trigger impulsive behavior.

In summary, DBT can help reduce impulsive behaviors in teenagers by teaching them skills to manage their emotions, think before they act, and improve their relationships with others.

Want to learn more? Schedule a 15 minute consultation to chat about if DBT treatment can help you or your teenager.

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