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  • Honey Dahari, LMFT, MBA

BookSmartTV Interview

I am so grateful to Diana Belchase at BookSmartTV for interviewing me, and giving me an opportunity to share important information about mental health in these unusual times. It is so hard to find information on how to survive and thrive during the pandemic, and how to help others whether parents, children, friends, neighbors, or each other.

In general, it's easier to offer to help a child or elderly individual cross the street, than it is to offer emotional support. Not knowing how to help, fear of causing harm, and other reasons keep many from offering words of support and encouragement. During difficult times it is especially important for us to stick together and help those in need, including those in need of social and emotional support.

While it is true that mental health professionals can provide a deeper level of help and support, there is a lot that a layperson can accomplish too, to help themselves and their loved ones.

I encourage you to check out the full interview here.

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