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  • Honey Dahari, LMFT, MBA

Book Trailer

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Have you ever tried to summarize a book in one page? Or a paragraph? It takes a gifted and brilliant writer to portray even the core of the book alone in a short piece.

A talented and dear friend of mine has managed to capture the thematic essence of Emotional Survival after COVID, and Psychological Trauma Emotional Survival after COVID in a 40 second video trailer. This video hints to some of the material they contain.

I wrote these books to provide information and support at a time when there was little available. There were a few books on the subject which were scheduled to be released in months, but I knew that there were so many who needed help right away.

Before I was a therapist, I learned to help writers reach their publication goals. I loved reading the fledgling manuscripts of authors to help them develop their plot, characters, setting, and skills. With this in my background, and some wonderful author friends encouraging me, these books were born.

Emotional Survival after COVID provides an overview of the challenges this pandemic impart on mental health and wellness, and even give a customizable plan for coping. Psychological Trauma Emotional Survival after COVID provides information on the trauma that this illness can leave in its wake, and supports the reader in reaching out for help and developing their own path to healing.

If you haven't read them yet, I encourage you to do so. With the Coronavirus so widespread, they'll probably be helpful to you or to someone you love.

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