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Hindy Dahari, LMFT, MBA

Healing Lives and Relationships

If you are looking for help coping with trauma or depression, managing strong emotions, or improving your marriage, Hindy may be the perfect therapist for you.


A Marriage and Family Therapist Licensed in New York and New Jersey, Hindy enjoys working with individuals but her greatest passion is in helping improve Shalom Bayis. Hindy has extensive clinical background in addressing challenges that lead to anger management problems, such as trauma, depression, and anxiety, and their impact on relationships. She specializes in treating psychological trauma, anxiety, and depression stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic.


Helping individuals, couples, and families since 2013, she has worked with individuals and couples from a wide variety of backgrounds and a wide variety of presenting problems. She loves to help clients find the reason/motivation within for lasting change, and takes great joy in supporting clients in making small shifts in mindset and behavior with the biggest impact.


She is a published author of 2 books about emotional trauma related to the Coronavirus pandemic (under Honey Dahari), is involved in community work providing insight and resources to non-profits, and is looking forward to helping you.

Couples Therapy:

Do you miss the early days in your marriage? Have conflict and emotional distance replaced joy and deep affection? Does thinking about your relationship leave you stressed and worried?


Individual Therapy:

Are strong emotions, trauma, depression, anxiety, and relationship problems interrupting internal calm?


Individual Therapy

If you are looking for help managing strong emotions, you've come to the right place. The therapy process can help you solidify a goal, identify triggers, and create a plan for managing the triggers that will work with your skills, needs, and preferences.

Many other therapists use labels such as anger management, anxiety, depression, adjustment disorder, etc. I work to help you address the symptom itself - feeling overwhelmed, out of control, stressed, worried, nervous, down, unmotivated, sad, etc. Therapy work also addresses the thoughts and core ideas that are hiding underneath them. 


My focus in therapy is to help you achieve your goals. Usually, therapy does that by working to change your thoughts and develop personalized coping tools so that you can find hope and healing in your life and relationships. 

Couples Therapy

You deserve happiness and love in your relationship. Couples counseling can help you bring your relationship from a place of pain and hurt, to a place of healing and growth.


I will work to help you accomplish your therapy and relationship goals. The most common reasons couples come to see me for therapy are for help breaking patterns of unhealthy and unproductive communication, reducing conflict, and increasing emotional connection. 


For the majority of my clients, the things that contribute to these problems can be underlying issues like differences in core beliefs about relationships and communication, underlying challenges with mental health or addiction, or trouble managing stressful situations.


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Compassionate and direct, taking every aspect of you and your life into account, I will work with you to address your specific concerns in a way that works for your strengths, abilities, and challenges.


I provide online therapy through a safe and HIPAA compliant platform to help you achieve your goal of an emotionally healthier you from the comfort and convenience of your own home. 


Contact me so you can decide if my approach would work for you, and so that we can talk about how I can help with the problems that are bringing you to therapy.

I don't want you to struggle for one more day. Schedule your free consultation today.

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